Sales tax is a tax charged by states on certain items that you purchase. Some states allow cities and towns to add their own sales tax on top of the state tax. If your state, city, or town charges sales tax, you will see the tax amount on the receipt added to the price of your purchase.


In 2022, 45 states and the District of Columbia collected sales tax and five states did not charge any sales tax. Some states don’t collect sales tax on some types of food, clothing (up to a certain cost), or other items. If you buy something online or something that comes from another state, you will be charged your state’s sales tax. Visit your state’s website to find out more about the state sales tax and what items will be charged sales tax.


Some states also have sales tax holidays during the year when certain items can be purchased without paying sales tax. Many of these state tax holidays are in the summer to allow parents to specifically buy school supplies, computers, and clothes tax free before the start of the school year. Other states encourage buying energy saving products or hurricane preparedness supplies during their tax-free holidays. In Massachusetts you can purchase almost any item up to $2500 tax free during the annual sales tax holiday. Visit this link to see if your state has a tax holiday: