It is difficult to cope when you are forced to leave your home because of conflict and crisis. It can be especially hard for young children and their parents. Young children might not understand what is happening, and parents may struggle to explain it. Big emotions often appear in the behavior of young children, like tantrums, sleep issues, or trouble being away from a parent. These behaviors can be challenging for any parent, especially for parents coping with stress, loss, and the demands of starting over in a new country. 


Sesame Workshop is a non-profit organization that helps young children prepare for school, identify their emotions, and develop coping skills. Sesame Workshop has a television show called Sesame Street and other resources for families, such as videos and coloring books. All the Sesame Workshop lessons, stories, and materials are based on research about what helps children have healthy development and be resilient. 


Sesame Workshop launched Welcome Sesame to help families resettling after conflict and crisis cope with changes and challenges. The website includes videos, songs, coloring books, and advice for parents of young children. Welcome Sesame includes a YouTube Channel with over 50 Sesame Workshop videos in Ukrainian with many fun lessons about learning and life. 


An additional Sesame Workshop YouTube Channel has short films about Ukrainian identity that a team from Ukraine created. Featuring a diverse group of children, these videos celebrate Ukrainian identity and heritage through music, food, song, dance, crafts, and language. 


If you have young children, take time to explore these Sesame Workshop resources and videos. They may be helpful to you in supporting your child and can be fun activities for parents and children to do together.