When you travel on an airplane, it's important to ensure you stay safe and are respectful of your fellow passengers. Follow these air travel tips to make your trip easier, more enjoyable and comfortable.


1. Be on time for your flight. At some airports, it takes three or more hours to go through security and arrive at your gate.


2. Keep your seatbelt on until the signal is turned off on the plane.


3. Respect other passengers’ personal space.


4. Each plane has staff (flight attendants) to assist you with finding your seat, provide you with water or meals on longer flights, and blankets in case you're cold.


5. Stand up to let people out of their seats. You're allowed to leave your seat and stretch your feet by walking the aisle if the seatbelt sign is off.


6. There are often multiple bathrooms on the plane with signs that show if they are "occupied" or "vacant."


7. You must accompany your children at all times (at the airport, on a plane, and in waiting areas). You can bring toys or books to keep them entertained during flights.

8. Don't rush into the aisle when the plane lands.

9. Help keep the plane clean by giving your trash to the flight attendants when they come to collect it.