Enrolling your children in school right away will greatly help them stay on schedule with their education. Plus, timely enrollment in school is required by U.S. law. Though state laws vary, enrolling children in school within 30 days of arrival to a new community is considered timely enrollment.

Here are some benefits you, your children, and your family can enjoy when you enroll your kids in school as soon as possible:

  • Public education supports child learning, development, and well-being.
  • Minimizing gaps in schooling increases children’s chances for academic success and keeps them safely supervised during the day.
  • School systems often provide services you may need, including free lunch and access to social services.
  • If children are enrolled in school while they live in temporary housing, they can choose to stay or switch schools once you find permanent housing, and transportation will be provided to them.
  • You will have more time during the day to find employment, get to know your community, and access services.