Did you know that your new community has public libraries with many free resources you can access? Here is a list of some useful resources your local library will provide:

  1. Free books: Libraries have large collections of different books, often in multiple languages that you can borrow.   
  1. Area to study: There are desks and quiet places available for everyone to use.   
  1. Internet: Libraries have Wi-Fi and computers with internet available for everyone to use for free.   
  1. DVDs, CDs, audiobooks and online media: Libraries have other resources beside books that can be borrowed for free.
  1. Classes and lectures: Many libraries offer free classes for all ages, including English classes, painting, and meeting authors.   
  1. Librarians can help you find other educational resources you need.   
  1. Socialization: You can reserve space for educational events to meet your community members.